Ear wax

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Last Friday, I was scheduled to do a pre-employment medical checkup for my new job. One of the tests included audiometric test to assess my hearing capabilities. Apparently, I failed the test & it seemed that I had lots of ear wax clogging up both of my ears thus impairing my hearing.

The doctor administered some ear drops for my usage over the weekend to help soften & ease the removal of the ear wax. As soon as I came back from Genting, I headed over to the clinic & had the ear wax cleared out. Oh boy, the process was quite discomforting because I literally had gushes of warm water flushing into & out of my ears. I felt like I was more deaf than ever before. =(

What's more, my ear wax was so hard that it required several rounds of ear syringing that lasted more than 30 mins. When the lumpy ear wax became more visible at the outer ear, the doctor removed it with forceps. The ears hurt a little as she pulled out a large clump of dark & hardened ear wax that had clogged my ear canals for years - surprisingly not causing any pain or infection.

All of a sudden, my auditory ability had improved tremendously. I could hear so many sounds; loud & crystal clear. But it takes some time adjusting to as sounds from the environment seemed amplified & too loud. Well, ultimately I've passed the test. I guess the loud, amplified sound is probably like a blessing in disguise to encourage me to reduce the audio volume or risk impaired hearing in the long run.