Just a scratch

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Yesterday was my first time getting involved in a car accident. It happened when I was rushing to fetch WL from work in his car cuz he waited an hour for me. As I was turning right from Jalan Kemajuan into Jalan Semangat - ensuring that I stay put to my own lane, a Proton Wira suddenly swerved in front of me trying to cut into my lane.

That vehicle was already too near & yet the driver didn't seem to notice me at all. By the time I saw the vehicle right in front of me, it was already too late. The right back bumper glided across WL's car on the bottom left bumper, leaving two scratches which measured approx 10cm long. I honked so loudly & then only the driver in front realised his car had been hit.

The culprit parked the car at the road side while I drove near; took a good look at the man behind the wheels & memorised his car plate number before zooming off to pick up WL. You must be wondering why on earth I left the scene without taking the culprit's phone number. Deep inside, I feared the worst that the male driver (who looked like some drug addict) would harm me in any possible way if I ever got down from the car. Furthermore, I was already late & dreaded to see WL in an uber grumpy face.

Well, the rest was history. WL & I argued for a while but in the end, everything was back to normal. He was worried for my safety too...so even though he was upset that his car is no longer aesthetically perfect, he was very glad that I was safe & sound. Perhaps at the back of his head, he was relieved that I didn't leave the car to speak to the culprit. It's no longer safe for females who are driving alone to deal with whoever that hit her car.