Rubbish talk

Monday, July 15, 2013

It's been a long time since I last blogged about work. Not that I fancy reminding myself about incidences that happened in the office once I'm comfortably seated at home. But I just couldn't refrain myself from the desperate need to vent out my frustration.

I stayed up late on Sunday night to prepare the slide for our presentation to the GM as I was away for a vacation. We presented our deck after lunch & that's where the frustration began. Instead of allowing us to present & explain straight to the point, we stopped at slide 3 & got a free 30 minute counselling session from the GM on lessons in life. Gosh, I seriously didn't need this!

Of course, he never thinks twice about making sure everyone is aware of his seniority by trying show off how superior he is. He started lecturing us on sales numbers which were irrelevant to our presentation deck. When we couldn't answer some of the questions, he took the opportunity to mock us even though the questions were irrelevant. That is downright insulting...

We tried to be rationale by presenting facts & figures to prove the need for certain plans to be executed, he discarded it as poor representation of the target market. He had obviously displayed his distrust in research study. Wow, he can be so dumb~

I was literally fuming mad when the session ended because it shouldn't have lasted for 2 hours. I purposely skipped lunch to complete the deck & even prepared some P&L calculations. He didn't even lay eyes on it as I reckoned he has short attention span & he couldn't bear staring at numbers a little longer. He'd probably develop allergies from it. =P

Unexpectedly, he called me in for another round of lecturing when he was about to leave. He kept on emphasising the need to be more aggressive in my marketing executions & putting pressure to execute more, even if certain activities bring loss to the P&L. He even pledged to dismiss those sales personnel who impedes my marketing plans. His skin is so thick that he didn't realised the main obstacle was him from the beginning.

In the end, I came out of his room disbelieving almost 90% of his words. I just know him too well since the day he lectured & put the blame on me. He's well-fitted as an infamous NATO member when he arrogantly took up the responsibility of managing freezers, when finally he took ownership of his work. Just because the top management is pressuring him to not cut any marketing budgets & he conveniently puts the blame on our incompetency to plan more marketing activities.

Honestly, how can you entrust the company & expect growth when he lacks integrity & principles? What's more, he's a boastful man who certainly has a mismatch between his job title & his competency level. Who cares if he has lots of experience? All words that ever escape his mouth are utter rubbish. How long more can I serve the company with such leader who deserves no respect? =(