World War Z

Sunday, June 30, 2013

The moment I laid eyes on the poster, I thought the movie is a spin-off sequel to War of the Worlds. Upon reading the synopsis, it was clear to me that World War Z is a zombie movie.

Just to give you a gist of the movie before you head off to watch in the cinema. The protagonist, Gerry Lane starring Brad Pitt who is a former United Nations investigator was tasked to find out the cause & solution to stop the zombie-like pandemic. Or he risk losing his family.

Time is crucial as the global population is rampantly turning into zombies. The plot is pretty similar to Resident Evil, so there is nothing to shout about. I'd have to give credits to the movie for its entertainment factor because it can be pretty tensed & teeth-gritting witnessing Gerry's character going through a close escape from zombies in order to find out the solution. But beneath all that excitement, the movie is nothing more than that. Don't expect to find your questions answered.

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