Fast & Furious 6

Sunday, June 02, 2013

OMG?! Not another Fast & Furious franchise, you said? Well, it is & probably not the last. This 6th instalment has one of the most interesting plot but for some reason, some scenes were more ridiculous than before. In this latest instalment, agent Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) seeks for Dominic Toretto & his team's assistance to crack down the Owen Shaw's crew who are out to cause destruction & unrest. Michelle Rodriguez returns as Letty, whom everyone thought dead but lost her memory instead.

Personally, I appreciate that the plot matures from being purely young & dangerous (racing, hot chicks, stealing etc.) to family & friendship themes. At least, the progression conveys a stronger & meaningful message instead of jam-packing the movie with action scenes sans substance. However, one can never run away from the film's true essence - nail-biting action stunts. Just imagine Vin Diesel flying across the bridge to save his damsel in distress... o.O

The rest of the plot is predictable hence I will not waste time writing a spoiler here. As usual, just enjoy the movie for entertainment purpose. If you can't get enough of this franchise, fret not as the 7th instalment is in progress! :D

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