Man of Steel

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Another Superman movie? The thought of seeing the superhero with his red underpants in action makes you barf out yesterday's dinner? Fret not. This Superman movie is unlike any other you have seen; that's if you watched previous portrayal by Christopher Reeve & Brandon Routh. This movie started off at Krypton & how planet came to an end while Kal-El, son of Jor-El was sent to Earth.

The plot adopts a non-chronological storytelling - switching present time with the past when Kal-El aka Clark Kent was a kid who grew up under the care of the Kent family. The first hour of the movie is a little slow as it build the story at its own pace. It was more of portraying Clark Kent's emotional journey of growing up while keeping his powers in silence. What's different here is that he met his love interest, Lois Lane way before he joined the Daily Planet as a reporter.

The movie starts to pick up a little towards the last hour when the battle began between Clark Kent/Superman & General Zod's team. It may seem exciting at first but eventually the fight scenes got boring because it was dragged longer than necessary. That 10-15 minutes battle scenes almost felt like fillers, giving hints that the director didn't have anymore compelling scenes to include in the movie.

In conclusion, the movie was not fantastic but it's not bad either. Just not really my cup of tea. There is still some entertaining value in it though, as Henry Cahill is indeed an eye candy with his yummylicious bod. What are you waiting for, gals? XD

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