The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug

Friday, December 27, 2013

A year long wait for the more exciting sequel is already agonising enough. But what made it even harder to endure is that the ending wasn't what I expected it to be. Yes, I was referring to The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug which finally reveals who & how the dragon looks like, hibernating in Erebor for years with mountainous gold.

In Desolation of Smaug, we get to see more elves in action as Thorin's group travels pass Thranduil's Hall in order to reach Lake Town. Orlando Bloom fans, unite! He reprises his role again as Legolas, looking gorgeous with platinum blonde hair & strikingly blue eyes. In my opinion, he looked a little mature in this film compared to his similar role 10 years ago, which doesn't sit too well wit the idea of ageless elves. I still remember gushing over Bloom appears in each scene just because he looks so boyishly handsome. Now no longer but still hot nonetheless. After all, there's still Kili to swoon over despite being vertically challenged XD.

I wouldn't bother giving you a gist of the story. Otherwise, it would rob the excitement of watching it yourself. This kind of movie is best enjoyed with your own eyes rather than living it through the eyes of others. There are several new additions to the film which are not found in the book. Peter Jackson defended his actions against critics about the need to expand the Tolkien's works for a more immersive & better understanding of Middle Earth.

I'd have to agree in some way when it comes to film adaptation of literary works. The 2-3 hour length of each film is crucial to capture the essence of the book, something that filmmakers can't afford to waste every minute. In contrast, a book involves imagination from the readers & each individual interpret Tolkien's literature in different manner at their own pace. Hence, no one blames each other for their own Middle Earth whereas filmmakers feel the pressure of recreating that universe ideal to Tolkien's fans.

Glad that those new twist to the plot turns out pretty exciting, thus jacking up the whole interest level on certain characters' development. Just to tease you guys, look out for Kili & Tauriel. Meanwhile, the rest of the movie is awesome so please don't ever miss it.

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