It's 2014!

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

2013 was indeed an eventful year that passed by without any hints of pity nor empathy. Like an age-old ritual, everyone scrambles to put down a new set of resolutions to be accomplished by end of 2014. I was referring back & forth to last year's post while composing this piece & came to a painful realization that my current situation is not any better than last year. I did managed to be more optimistic last year, however, I failed miserably in achieving the last 2 resolutions. Due to work commitments, I sacrificed all my other interests. As for WL, it was never easy to instill change to begin with.

While Grandpa had left us to be with God not too long after my New Year post, I left my job again to seek for a short break. Am I feeling the same demotivation I felt last year? Yes, indeed. Which is why I'm feeling anxious about finding a new job as soon as possible. On a positive note, I have laid down plans to pursue a pastry arts course. Shocking as it may sound, I'm eager to sharpen my baking & patisserie as part of my preparation to start my own business in the future. Lets just say that I'm determined to go through a career change when the time is right.

By then, I hope I'll be able to put my marketing experience to good use for the business. Naysayers beware! There is no obligatory reason for me to prove to you that I can do it. Instead, I choose to prove myself that I'm able to overcome this challenge. Therefore, I have made up my mind on what I intend to achieve this year.
  1. Continue to spare time for my passion - especially baking
  2. Persuade WL to lose weight - doesn't matter how much, as long as he does it
  3. Stay healthy & happy
Those of you who have yet to set resolutions. it's still not too late to do so. Just be realistic about your goals. Happy New Year!