Beauty and The Beast

Saturday, April 01, 2017

After all the drama about to ban or not ban, our Home Minister have given the green light to screen Beauty & The Beast. Woo-hoo! No need to travel to Singapore...awesome~

So how did the movie fare after all the anticipation, drama & disappointment? Did it live up to the expectation of the animated movie in 1992?

Yes & no.

Yes - The script is well done & remains loyal with some additional plot to fill up the plot gaps present in the original animated film. The casting was quite spot-on as the ensemble casts brought the characters to life. Costume designs received an upgrade; the details were elaborate & intricate. Not to forget the impressive work by the crew on the set buildup that emulates the artistry & elegance of the Rococo era.

No - While the overall casting was as accurate as it can be, Emma Watson did look the part but sadly wasn't able to carry her tunes well. This film is a musical, just like the original & casts are expected to sing well. Being Belle means the actress has a lot to live up to but it's a little disappointing that Watson's acting was a little stiff & her singing definitely needs a lot of work. Perhaps I was too critical of her performance because the original Belle is hard to match.

Beauty & The Beast is still an enjoyable watch with your family; especially if you grew up watching Disney classics. Kudos to the team for keeping true to the original material while being relevant to modern audiences. You'll have to watch it in the cinema in order to fully experience the magic.