Vandalism = Sucks!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It irks me a lot to see students acting like some bunch of uncivilised idiots & vandalising college property. Especially when they are supposed to be highly looked upon and expected to set an example to the society by knowing how to respect others' property & not abusing it. What's the point of being so highly educated when they can't even be morally socially responsible?

The table where I usually sit at for my Monday lab class spotted some scribblings of God-knows-who names. It reminded me of the good 'ol days in school where we used to doodle names & drew fugly pics of each other. The desks were old so there weren't much different if a few more scribblings were added on. However, those tables in the lab class are brand new. For God's sake, why ruin it??

I won't deny the fact that we used to conteng our desks in school but we were young then. We needed space to express our creativity. As I grew older, I realised that those scribblings were total eyesores cuz it made tables & chairs looked horribly vandalised. Not to mention the school authorities forking out money to ensure that we have a conducive study environment. I wasn't the one who likes to scribble on desks with pen or liquid paper, to begin with. How can you justify a 20-year old student who doesn't even know how to control his behaviour & refrain from vandalising public property? Even a small kid can be cultivated to behave. It's embarrassing that these things happen in my college...