Malaysia banned

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Seeing the message below came as a surprise for me. I really didn't expect Malaysia would enter the list of banned countries. The webmasters made our country sound like a nation of criminals. Haha.

Not that I'm a frequent user of Veoh, but this banning decision was rather unfair. Blocking one country's access to the site due to lack of user concentration is utter nonsense. Does the company actually save that much costs from reducing bandwidth just to accomodate the users from selected countries, leaving the banned ones deprived of the privilege? What's ironic is that the selected countries are of heavy users. With that insane heavy traffic & enormous amont of videos uploaded to the site, wouldn't it make sense to have more bandwidth?

Having said on the lack of user concentration, what's the probablity that Malaysian users would clog up the bandwidth? And this applies to the rest of the countries also restricted from accessing Veoh. I mean, what kind of logic is this? Veoh has made the dumbest decision this time as they're driving away all their users to YouTube. What a better way to encourage your loyal users to switch to competitors! LOL.