Emotional breakdown

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Pardon me for the lack of updates lately. I haven't been feeling well for the entire week. I had an emotional breakdown as I finally couldn't hold on to my anger & depression anymore. One of my assignment group members turned out to be the victim of my sudden outburst. Can't exactly say that it's my fault for using him to release my anger cuz that fella was a bastard anyway. Having him in the group was a pain in the ass.

Not turning up for class, slacking when I gave him his part for the assignment, accusing me of not guiding him cuz he didn't know how to do when he was actually relying me on giving him all the research information & then refusing to accept his mistakes in the assignment when being told. Worse, telling a big fat lie that he showed his work to the lecturer when he only asked her questions. Ass!

And now that we finally kicked him out, he texted me on the phone & threatened me. WTF. Geez. Cunning bastard that knows no shame. Lets just hope that he doesn't bother me in class next week. I deleted & blocked his MSN so that I won't lay eyes on him again. Come to think of it, I've never taken such drastic action to the one person that I'm still upset with & hate as well. LOL. It's just that...some part of me still wants to care for that person even if my compassion is not appreciated. He wasn't as cunning as that bastard, perhaps. Teehee!

Indeed, falling sick made me realise many things. It clearly showed me which group of friends I know are true friends. I could pinpoint which individual who would take a few seconds to ask about me. And that one person I'm hoping would ask was pretending to be ignorant. I supposed there's no need for further explanation. Hence, I shall break free from all that misery from now on. I dun give an effing damn about anything now. It's all over. I'm happy ^^.