Business game for the young

Monday, May 26, 2008

I think this is probably my first time representing my college to compete in an inter-college championship. I was pretty much nervous for the fact that I'm not at all prepared & would probably make a fool out of myself. I did planned to quit the last min but after some serious consideration...I decided not to as it would be so mean to ditch my friend & leave her alone. It's a 3-day challenge held at Jalan Ampang, KL next to Holiday Villa. The teams that successfully enter the following rounds will spend the night at the hotel, accomodations all paid for.

Two teams were sent to take on the challenege, with me & Jen being in one team with another two from Finance. Here's a little info about the competition. Each team represents a company & it's required to manage a business through making decisions. This involves determining how much to produce, how much of raw materials, is the capacity enough to accomodate increase in production, the marketing costs, product development yadi yada. After submitting the decision form, the computer software will generate your financial results based on the pre-programmed simulated economy.

Honestly, my team of four had no idea how to play the game even with the stack of manual & the game master guiding all the teams throughout the challenge. Boy, we struggled a lot on the first day & panicked when we began to see negative figures in our P&L accounts. Miraculously, we made it into the semi-finals after making huge losses at the last part of the game. I left early as I had to attend a wedding so I wouldn't say that I was contributing much to getting the team to the next round. The credits definitely goes to my team members. In fact, I would like to thank them for qualifying the next round. I mean, I wouldn't be returning to the venue the next day to resume the game if it weren't thanks to them.

On the 2nd day, we played well. REALLY WELL, I have to stress on that. Mainly cuz we knew how to tackle the game this time. You can see that we made decisions pretty fast compared to the first day. Unfortunately, we still lost. Perhaps our sales progressed a little too slow at the beginning of the game. We were a risk aversed, taking on the safe route. Nevertheless, we were quite delighted knowing that we almost made into the finals as the points were pretty close. Good game, it was. Glad that I didn't chicken out last min or else I would've missed out a lot. We made new friends, learnt new stuff not written in the books & most importantly, teamwork. At least, it's better feeling drained out at the competition than being in college. :D

The two teams representing Inti College Subang Jaya

Me & my teammates ^^