Figure skates

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

My 3rd trip to the skating rink was an awesome experience. The more often I visited the rink, I felt that I was more familiar with the ice & had better control of my balance. Apart from that, I was wearing a good pair of skates, not those stiff rental skates that countless people have put their feet in. Speaking of figure skates, I managed to borrow my cousin bro's old pair which has been kept in the store room for years. Decided to try it on since he has no use of it anymore cuz his feet has grown so much.

Miraculously, the skates fit me perfectly. Or should I say a little too perfect that it is now too tight when worn with socks. I had to resort to wearing silk stockings. Even then, my left foot is rather tight compared to the right one cuz basically - my feet size are imbalance. It's good thing that my foot hadn't any blisters.

The skates are black in colour, sadly. What more can I expect when it belonged to cousin bro anyways? None of the ladies in my family bought a white pair back then. So I had to put up with a black now. It's a pity that cousin bro didn't take good care of it & neglected it in the store room for many years. The external condition is pretty bad that the outer layer of the leather boot has melted probably due to exposure to intense heat. The blades rusted so bad that I had perfect grip the minute I stepped into the ice with it. For a start, I couldn't even push my leg & glide forward.

Thankfully, the lady on duty at the rental skates counter was nice enough to manually scrape off the rust off the blades with her bare hands at no charges. This was the only way since the machine used for sharpening wasn't functioning. And she couldn't tell me when a new machine would arrive. *sighs* How unfortunate! All I need now is to get a pair of skate guards to protect the blades which is virtually impossible now that the pro shop has been closed down. Ordering online, it is then~

Can you spot the melted surface on the leather boot?

At least, most of the rusts were removed. It still gets rusty due to condensation. -_-"