Weekend getaway

Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm back! For the first time, I felt so good to be out of town; thousands of miles away from home without any civilisation - Internet. I had mixed feelings while packing up to leave for home in a few hours. Part of me was relieved that I'm heading back to my sacred sanctuary - my bedroom. However, I had a strong urge to stay on cuz I was drawn to the peaceful and quiet surrounding at my uncle's place. It helped me put my past behind; all those awful feelings that I don't wish to recall anymore. People that I don't wanna lay eyes on are out of sight. At least the trip did good, momentarily.

I love the fact that I had a room for myself to spend the night. It's just so darn comfy to snuggle under the sheets while having my lappie to keep me company. I'm doing work, not playing okay? XD Being the only one still awake while others sound asleep, I can't help feeling lonely & depressed again. And to blame myself for things that happened makes matters worse. I still cannot let go, to some extent. Tough times ahead, it seems. *sighs*

Anyways, my uncle & his wife moved to a new house late last year but I was too occupied with studies & working that I missed the opportunity to visit him again. This time, paying him a visit was a perfect excuse for a weekend getaway XD. I'd have to say...their new house look fabulous. Spacious. Modern yet homey too ^^. It's no wonder I didn't wanna go home.

The room that I slept in.

The living room taken from different angles.

The dining hall.

Alas, on my way home...I had to take a snapshot of this manufacturing plant in case I forget. In fact, I saw it on the day I arrived. Here it is.

Seeing a newly built Seagate manufacturing plant all the way in Skudai, JB caught me by surprise.

P.S. I'm sporting a new hairdo with a slight reddish hue. You can say that I'm damn proud of my revamped look. Definitely a boost in my confidence.