Friday, May 02, 2008

I went for another round of skating today. I did pretty good, actually. No more landing on the ass nor kissing the ice again ^^. Ah, I feel so proud of myself. I wasn't skating as fast as last Tuesday reason being there were too many ppl who decided to hit the ice since it's a "holiday". There wasn't much space for me to speed up a little. And my pathetic rental skates made things worse, leaving a bruise on left ankle -_-".

Speaking of over-crowded, probably a fraction of the public skaters are capable of skating properly. Which means a large percentage of them will no doubt skate incorrectly, bending their feet inwards & dragging them along the ice thus inflicting serious damage on the skates. That explains why rental skates never turn out right. Oh yeah, which nutter would loosen up their skates laces & walk about outside the rink; nearly tripping over his own wobbly, crooked skates?? Believe it, there is. Geez...I have no respect for ppl who just don't know how to care for public amenities.

During the first hour of skating, a group of ladies (probably my Mum's age or older) came with little luggages housing their skates. They were fully prepared, I thought. They turned out to be awesome skaters! And these ladies were busy practising a dance choreography, mimicking Michael Jackson's Thriller dance. How cool is that?! Skating Mums...*envy* I feel so inferior now. Why did I stop taking lessons back then? *sighs*

In the 2nd hour, the ice got wetter but the crowd seems to be flowing in. It's no longer fun to continue so me & sis left instead. We stopped by at the skating academy to enquire about the price of figure skates as I am tempted to purchase a pair online just for comfortable, recreational skating. Checking how much that academy sells won't do any harm, would it? I was utterly shocked when the lady told me the minimum is RM700. ZOMG. My cousin bought his skates 10 yrs ago at the exact same place for RM500+ & I thought it was already over-priced. Oh well, inflation must've been set in motion during the course of 10 yrs but I'm sure it wouldn't have made such a huge difference. C'mon, how much can a beginner's skates cost? Merely RM100-RM200 based on online US retailers. It's no wonder lots of rich kids from wealthy families only can afford such an expensive sport in Malaysia.