For the love of pasta & all that Italian

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Most of the celebrations this year were not pre-planned as I have hoped for due to many reasons. First, it was due to my grandpa's current condition. Secondly, the celebrations clash with one another. Hence, I had weigh the opportunity cost & reluctantly postpone one. After all, family matters prevail.

Despite all the commotion that is still happening, I still managed to spend some quality time with WL. And to celebrate his long gone birthday & our belated Valentine's Day for the 2nd time. It was less than 2 weeks before CNY & poor WL still couldn't find a new shirt. With shopping in mind, we went to Sunway Pyramid in hope to scout for one that suited him. In the end, we settled for a simple, light-hearted meal at a Italian restaurant with a Japanese twist. It is Pasta de Gohan we're talking about. =)

While waiting for our main course, we digged into our appetisers. XD WL was so engrossed with his cream mushroom soup & commented several times about how delicious it was! I was literally mad over the mashed potato salad. Absolutely yummy~ Mmmm...

My order for the day was Chicken katsu tamato-ji.

Me indulging in spaghetti with wafu sauce.

When it comes to Italian food, we were never bored laying our eyes on those lovely pastas prepared in the restaurant. As if dining in a Japanese-Italian restaurant ain't enough, we decided to celebrate our belated Valentine's Day at more authentic Italian restaurant - Italiannies at 1U.

This outlet will always remain the closest to our hearts because it was this friendly dinner that led to our union. Many things followed after that night & until now, we couldn't be more glad than having that delicious meal together.

Our selection this time was parmesian crusted fish & smoked salmon pizza. The fish was deep fried in bread crumbs with with some salad leaves & melted parmesan cheese on top the boneless meat. Whereas the pizza was made of thin, crispy crust topped with onions, melted cheese & slices of smoked salmon.

What's surprising is that I have turned into quite a salmon lover despite not eating it each time my family ordered salmon dishes. I guess when a certain food is not to your liking will eventually be one of your favourites if at least once in your life you've tasted the best dish ever served. And I've discovered that smoked salmon is actually cooked salmon! Little did I know that I'm THAT ignorant~ =P

Me & WL never failed to dig our hands into when it comes to Italian food. If not, we wouldn't have attempted cooking our very own pasta. After all, it's just our way to display our passion for each well as Italian delights.