Noodles with added vegetables

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Being alone at home has its pros & cons. The good thing about it is that the house becomes less noisy & nobody distracts you from doing your own thing. The bad, however, is you're left to take care of your own meals all the more if you're a grown up. Grandpa's car was available & I could easily drive out anytime to buy lunch. But the terrifying thought of getting stucked in jams & no luck in finding a parking on a scorching hot day is more than enough to keep myself glued at home.

Much thanks to the inventor of instant noodles, a simple meal can be prepared conveniently at anytime of the day. The cooking instruction is as easy as cooking lesson for dummies. Everyone can create seemingly tasty noodles by just following the steps-by-steps. As for me, eating only the noodles are definitely unhealthy without some protein content. Since there was no eggs in the fridge, I ended up garnishing my noodles with spinach & sliced carrots for a slightly healthy diet. XD


You only need the following:
1 pkt instant noodles (soup/dry) - I used Ibumie Har Mee Mi Goreng for the above
Vegetables (your preference)
Egg (highly recommended)
Poultry/seafood slice

Now says who that instant noodles are unhealthy? It can be another balance meal when cooked properly.