I have turned 24

Saturday, March 27, 2010

My birthday was celebrated in a simple but in a slightly bigger scale this year with my colleagues. The main reason was to utilise the prize money that our department had won from the CNY Inter-department Competition. Since there are two March babies in the dept (which includes me), all of us have decided to make good use of the funds available. Our neighbour dept is also celebrating one of our colleagues birthday; which is why our party turned out to be not triple but a quadruple celebration.

We headed to Shogun, a newly opened outlet at Sunway Pyramid to start our feast. The variety is fairly wide ranging from Japanese to Chinese fusion dishes although the it is marketed as a Japanese buffet restaurant. The food was okay but don't expect anything better. Ice creams are of non-Haagen Daz origins unlike the ones served in Tenji, mind you. Since there wasn't any cake for the birthday babies, each of us are being served mini sliced cakes decorated with fruits & desserts taken from the buffet tables.

Ain't it fun to celebrate with someone who shares the same date of birth as you? Seen here is my ex colleague who is older but born on the same day.

Of course, celebrating my big day with WL was always memorable. It was only a simple dinner at Riblee's but it was definitely an enjoyable night. Like they all said, it doesn't matter where you are celebrating - as long as you're spending time with the person that you loved the most will more than make up for the less favourable environment. No doubt the good food & ambience will add more flavour to a special occasion.

The humble entrance to Riblee's.

The food we ordered that night tasted pretty interesting although the pasta wasn't up to my expectations. Good food, nevertheless. Yum! =)

Wild mushroom soup & crisp roast pork salad for starters.

Our double main course - smoked ham quesadillas & Riblees classic carbonara

I'd have to say that the quesadillas was amazingly good with the thin, crispy crust...the juicy ham & sauce mixed with the scrumptious onions. Omg, so heavenly~ I'm craving for it while I'm blogging this =P. However, the carbonara had too much sauce which tasted overly creamy to begin with. It felt a little bit challenging to have the mouthful passing through the throat. The carbonara could've been slightly drier instead of soaking wet with too much cream & cheese. There you have it, a little short story about the day I turned 24. Despite not receiving any gifts, I supposed having a good meal is hell one of an easy-to-satisfy gift. Really hoping to visit Riblee's again for those yummy quesadillas. XD