Land of the golden palm tree

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

I was pretty excited when I had the opportunity to attend the Lumix new line-up launch which will be held at Golden Palm Tree Resorts & Spa, Sepang. To my colleagues, it's just another launch that happens probably twice a year. To me, it was eye-opening experience especially coming from an FMCG company which hardly has any budget to even organise in-store activities.

We set off at about 10am in one of our agency's car as the event is due to start at 2pm. The drive took more than 1 hour, a surprisingly long journey cuz it's even further than LCCT. It's another 30 mins drive from Sg Pelek town, nearby Morib. Upon arriving the coastal area, the resort is visible from a distant view.

The lobby has a unique open design concept which is a shape of a pavilion with very minimal walls.

Each villa is built on stilts which stretches out to the sea. From bird's eyeview, the whole resort is a shape of a palm tree, reminiscent of The Palm in Dubai.

Due to the distance, a buggy is required to travel to the furthest villa from the lobby.

Our giant backdrop with our new brand ambassador, Ms. Natalie Den Dekker.

I shall not speak much about the event for fear of revealing too much private info. Anyways, the launch ended at about 4pm plus. We left the resort at about 5pm & only arriving back to the office later than 6pm. Spending the day there was a little tiring but quite interesting. The resort reminded a lot about Legend International Water Homes, only a little more lavish.