Great makeup deal

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Being a Stage cosmetics member, the benefits are pretty worth it. Members enjoy 10% discounts on every item purchased at full price. On top of that, I get discounts off on other services ie hair & makeup services, photoshoot services etc. As part of their efforts to increase loyalty, members will receive discount vouchers for products & photoshoot services.

I received my vouchers in late February, in conjunction with my upcoming birthday in March. To pamper myself, I visited the Mid Valley outlet to grab my swags. I certainly didn't expect that Stage is having a nationwide clearance sale for all its existing products. Discounts up to 70% off retail prices, can you believe that? Wi the price slashed, I had to buy more in order to meet the minimum amount of RM60 in order to use the RM30 voucher. I came back home with 6 items at a dirt, cheap price. =D

1. Wonderlust Lipstick - Cameron

2. Nail Colour - Awesome

3. Picture Perfect Liquid Camouflage - Ingenue Genie

4. Picture Perfect Foundation - Pixie

5. Brow Defining Pencil - Sesame

6. Prime Time Eye Perfecting Base - Vanilla

In total, I only paid RM34 after deducting the RM30 voucher. At retail, sure bet that I couldn't even get as many items with RM60. What a great bargain to begin with! =D

On top of that, I still collected 34 points for the amount I paid. This is one of my best birthday gift this year~