A cool place to gather

Saturday, April 02, 2011

With only my 2nd month working, I was required to attend our next big event. This time, it was the Viera media launch & sales convention for dealers which was held at Genting International Convention Centre. Me & my colleague joined the coach which was originally hired for the media. I slept throughout the trip cuz my seat partner from the media agency was busy chattering away with one of her good friends from the media. What's more, the bus driver seemed to be inexperienced driving up Genting as the bus was struggling the climb the steep slopes. On 2nd thoughts, it was good to be slow & safe but made me wonder if the bus would fall backwards instead. :/

When we arrived, me & my colleague joined the group - other colleagues & agency - hanging out at Starbucks. I ordered a cup of hot chocolate to warm myself up while my colleague ordered some croissant (expenses on my agency guy, tee-hee! ^^). We chatted a while & not long after that, it was time to proceed to the convention hall as the media launch commenced.

The hall was indeed a sight to behold as stunning visual effects were projected on the giant white screens. Perhaps it was nothing new for most my colleagues but it was definitely an eye-opener for me.

I shall skip the details of the launch & the sales convention as there were too many things to recall. One notable thing worth mentioning is the guy who co-hosts a veteran song programmed on Astro AEC was invited to conduct the marketing presentation session. He appeared on stage with a pirate costume, impersonating Captain Jack Sparrow in his usual hilarious demeanour. His presentation skill was pretty superb but sadly, the slides were too lengthy so the session got rather dull after a while.

Apparently, we had some displays at the Universal Walkway at First World Plaza. The world's largest plasma display was set up there for both media & public viewing as well until the weekend. It was a pity that I missed the chance witness it myself. Time was just so limited... =(

Time passed by pretty quickly & it was time for our gala night (thank God for no special themed attires *phew*). Food was okay but what more can you expect from a halal banquet dinner. The night was eventful, of course. =) A special guest performance by Maria Codero from Hong Kong really brought heat to the night.

The gala night came to an end soon after Maria Codero concluded her last song for the night. My colleagues, agency guys & I gathered to take some really funny pictures as rememberance.

For those of us who'll be staying for the night, most of us headed for 2nd round of partying at a club. Little did I or we expect that there would be a raid! Thankfully, it was the Muslim authorities & not the police officers. Nevertheless, they were still party poopers - spoiling the mood of all the partygoers who mainly consist staffs & dealers from our company. All of us were stuck at the club for almost 30 minutes cuz the authorities didn't allow us to leave, even though they were only inspecting the possibility of any Malays drinking alcohol. By the time the inspection was complete, we left the club & walked back to our rooms. My roommate went for a late night supper while went to bed due to exhaustion.

Well, this was pretty eventful for me as a first-timer attending my company's main function. I bet there must be more to come...