Umbrella thief

Friday, April 15, 2011

You wouldn't believe what I'm about to tell you. For the 2nd time, my umbrella was stolen again. Yes, AGAIN. But strangely enough, this unidentified thief was kind enough to return it back to its original place where I had left it. However, that small little good deed doesn't make he/she more considerate than before.

Dear thief, the fact that you didn't even bother returning immediately after borrowing my umbrella will have me brand you as an asshole. Why? Cuz I had to walk under the rain to get my car. I'm thanking God that the evening was only a drizzle. Dear thief, to even dare take it back home & only quietly return it the following day is still unforgiveable. Why? Cuz due to your selfish act of not wanting to get drenched while walking to your car has caused great harm to me. And I'm irrevocably pissed!!

From now on, I'll only bring along WL's humble Tetra Pak giant umbrella to work cuz its size & weight is too cumbersome for any thief to handle. In addition, I'll no longer leave it at the vase but I'm hiding it under my workstation. Sure bet this will stop your inconsiderate actions against me. =) Yesh~