Parking no more

Friday, April 22, 2011

The construction of our new office building will officially start next Monday after weeks of delays. Our parking cum warehouse will be demolished to give way for the 9-storey building, estimated to complete in 2 years time.

Our cars will be prohibited from parking within the office compound. In order to accommodate our needs, our company has (thankfully) rented an empty land to serve as parking lots. It's a pity that the road condition in the parking is abysmal cuz it's not properly tarred or cemented. Some spots were partially cemented & seem to be remnants of the previous building. Nevertheless, it's still not a good reason to continue wearing stilettos or wedges cuz the chances of twisting your ankle is high. What's more, it's a 5 minute walk to the office. :/

Harbouring strong hopes that the road condition wasn't as bad as described, I drove past the parking lot while heading home. To my horror, the parking lot was partially flooded with water level almost 2 inches deep. What's more the entrance has a steep slope leading downwards to the lot which can only house 134 cars at the moment.

Walking to & from the parking lot will be so much hassle as the rain is constantly pouring almost every morning & evening. The thought of rushing to collect the car from the lot before 6pm is killing or you risk getting your car locked up inside cuz security guards will only be there until 6pm. Apparently, there's no electricity supply & there's no point assigning a guard on duty when the lot is pitch black at night. All of us have to endure this for the next 2 years while waiting for the new building to be ready.

We don't have any choice, do we? *sighs* =(