Friday, March 18, 2011

It's my usual routine to bring along an umbrella to the office & place it in a vase which stores everyone's umbrellas. Just in case since the sky was gloomy & wet for the past few days.

One morning, I placed my umbrella at the vase & walked into the building. The sky turned dark & started raining heavily in the noon & continued during the evening with a light shower. When I left the office, I went to collect my umbrella. Guess what? It was missing from the vase. I searched high & low for it but it was nowhere in sight. I had to shade my head with a woven bag & walked to my car cuz it was drizzling. I reckoned that someone might have borrowed it & forgot to return back to its original place. So I decided to wait for the next day.

It's been a week now & that jackass didn't even bother to return it. Why people can be so fucked up?? I certainly didn't mind if he/she borrowed it so as long as my umbrella is returned back to me soon after usage. What if that evening's weather wasn't a drizzle but heavy rain? What am I to use to protect me from the rain? Did it ever cross your mind that your simple selfish act can cause so much misery?