Wonder Woman

Sunday, June 11, 2017

I have doubted WB's decision to cast Gal Gadot to be the strong, female warrior Wonder Woman mainly because she wasn't convincing enough - she just didn't look the part. She is beautiful but in my opinion, didn't have the physique of a voluptuous & strong build that Wonder Woman is known for.

When I saw the movie posters, boy I was wrong. Gal Gadot looks absolutely stunning. She exudes everything that is Wonder Woman - strong, independent, sexy & above all, confidence.

The movie, while not perfect, was surprisingly good in its own way. Directed by a female director, Wonder Woman definitely did not hold back on themes related to feminism, female empowerment & sexism. It's the type of film who inspires young women to stand strong & fight for their own rights, especially in an environment where they are ostracized.

Casting Chris Pine as the love interest of Wonder Woman aka Diana Prince was a great choice as they certainly have great chemistry. Of course, (spoilers alert) I'd have to salute the screenwriters for being bold enough to write off certain characters deemed necessary to complete plot.

This movie has also proven that DCEU (or known as DC Extended Universe) was not exactly a flop even though it took Warner Bros a few attempts albeit with undesirable results to get the fourth on point. Perhaps we all should give them a chance to set things right & steer the cinematic universe in the right direction.

While the production team sets for upcoming projects in the pipeline, let me just continue ogling at Gal Gadot's gorgeous face...