Assumption is not the best policy

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The biggest lesson I've ever learnt was to not assume something that you're uncertain. Why? Because the likelihood of giving wrong information could cause trouble - not only to yourself but others as well. Here was what happened that made me regret what I did.

I was supposed to ensure the sponsored hampers to be delivered to the recipient by batches before the upcoming event this Sunday. The first batch is to be yesterday. And so I engaged a driver to take over the deed while I communicate to the recipient on the expected delivery time. What went wrong? On the delivery note, I only wrote the recipient's landline number cuz I can't remember her giving it to me (as you know...some ppl refuses to provde them due to privacy reasons). When my driver asked for it, I took out my mobile & quickly scrolled through the phonebook list & miraculously found her name in my list. But somehow, my instincts were telling me that it's not the right one though the name exactly matches the recipient's. I ignored it & gave it to my driver. I assumed it was the right one. I was wrong =(

The nightmare - my driver tried to get hold of me several times on my office phone but to no avail cuz I was busy running errands around the department. He said that the delivery address was wrong & the recipient told him she wasn't expecting any hampers. What's worse...she directed him to her father's shop at another location. Being the responsible driver, he didn't want to disappoint me for not fulfilling his promise; he drove all the way as directed by the so-called recipient only to find out that the father wasn't expecting it either. When my driver called again, he was puzzled & a little frustrated with the miscommunication that happened. Then only I realised that the cellphone number I gave to my driver was another person! It turned out to be someone that I got acquainted during college & coincidentally shared the same name as the actual recipient. To top it off, I totally forgotten that I even knew her in the first place. Gawd!! -_-"

In conclusion, the hampers weren't delivered as promised but instead postponed to Wednesday. See what I mean by DO NOT ASSUME? Honestly, I was in guilt for having my driver to travel so many times. It was indeed a huge mistake. Thankfully, he was still very courteous & I couldn't help apologising a thousand times. Moral of the story: It pays to double check & be 100% sure when dealing with important matters.