"Record-breaking" wrapping session

Friday, July 10, 2009

I always believe that there's always a first time in anything you do. It wasn't my first time wrapping a gift hamper to be given to a guest or relative for a certain special ocassion. But wrapping 60 hampers was definitely a whole new experience for me. Especially when you're putting in plenty of your company's products.

Tiring as expected; I was given the honour task to coordinate the entire "project" & to ensure that our sponsored hampers is delivered to the recipients as promised. It took me a day or two to draw out stocks from both warehouses & accumulate the complete set of stocks for the hampers. Then it was non-stop wrapping the next day.

The surprising thing...or should I say the amazing thing is that we managed to settle more than half of the 60 hampers within two hours. Much thanks to great help from my fellow colleagues. Really appreciate their helping hand =)In the end, we took merely two days to accomplish our mission. Now it's in my hands to deliver the prizes on time.

Those of you curious about where the hampers are going to, check out the Kenny Rogers Chicken Run this Sunday, 19 July. Even better, participate in the race to stand a chance to win attractive prizes. Besides, what's better than joining in the fun in the name of charity? =D