Shopping bliss

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sometimes things that your beloved say to you might irk or annoy the heck out of you. And having to dive into an argument wouldn't makes thing any better especially when both sides refuse to compromise or utter a plain simple apology.

Rather than dwell over the issue which might eventually lead to a heated argument, I found that shopping does wonders to your bad day. Provided that there's a strong abstinence over the tendency to overspend if your resources are rather scarce or risk ended up broke at the end of the day.

Thankfully, I was still able to control but spending over RM200 within 2 hours is considered a lot, eh? XD. I spent on a new pair of peep-toe pumps cuz I really love shoes. Wish I could buy more but Mum would start yelling at me again =P

And then I bought a perfume that I've been looking for a long, long time. Never thought that I could find it in Malaysia ever since the first time I had a whiff of the scent from a sample that came with the package I bought from YesAsia. From that day, I fell in love with it cuz it embodies simplicity, innocence & sweetness that matches very much to my personality. I didn't buy back then cuz it was too pricey on YesAsia & I was left to only dream of owning one. Here it is before my very eyes & till now, it still seems unreal to me...

Sasa was conducting promotion in which every customer will receive a RM10 for every RM100 purchase. With that RM10 & additional few dollars, I added a facial item to my basket. I've tried it & so far...pretty okay. It actually has cucumber extracts & smells like one too. Not reusable though :/

Come to think of it, I really love shopping alone cuz I actually get to buy things as compared to shopping with friends. Sad to say this but it's very true. Or else, tagging along with Mum would be another favourable option too. I wouldn't have ended up shopping alone today if it wasn't for accompanying Grandma to the beauty centre for her final facial appointment. The weekend crowd at Mid Valley was no doubt there, as per usual. Nevertheless, Kiehl's definitely caught my attention with their out-of-this-world marketing ploy.

As you can see, those "mannequins" are actually real humans being made as one. Believe it or not, they stood still in the glass box for 1 hour - waving to curious onlookers & shoppers every 5 seconds just so to draw attention to Kiehl's current promotion. It's pretty wicked cuz they're pretending to smile at you & pose as still as a tree simultaneously. Impactful as agreed by many but I wasn't sure if it was effective enough to draw crowds to the Kiehl's shop nearby. As a normal person myself, I was amused but in the end I wasn't interested to stop by at the shop. Why? Cuz Kiehl's products are way beyond my budget. Prove me wrong. Perhaps many might've entered the shop after witnessing such an interesting marketing tool by them. After all, I'm only one of the few that doesn't fall under their target market so whether the message had reached me or's less important right? Of course, I wouldn't deny that they were trying to turn people like me into potentials & hopefully loyal ones.