Little machine, vacuums like a monster

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ever since our vacuum cleaner came to a halt & was no longer functioning (no thanks to my cousin bro), I haven't laid hands on one since February. Hence, my weekly regime of vacuuming the carpet & the tiled floors around the house was temporarily suspended.

Although we have another water-based vacuum cleaner which weighs almost 4kg, I refused to use it not only due to its weight but the fact that its on/off switch is a nuisance. I reckon the switch isn't functioning properly too & causes the vacuum cleaner to power up & down uncontrollably, leaving me very irritated when I was in the midst of spring cleaning.

None of my family members bother to buy a new lightweight version to replace the old one. Desperate to keep my room at least dust-free, I purchased one yesterday.

This little thing turned out to be quite a monster despite its compact body & small capacity. It's lightweight & strong suction power allows vacuuming carpets & floors in no time. And the bright cute! Me likey~ Retailing at RM269, what more can you expect?

Initially, I was contemplating the new bagless model also sold at similar price. However, the thought of having a smaller dust compartment & having to clean the clogged up dust really turned me off. I've a penchant for convenience so I guess sticking back to the dustbag model would be a better option.