Oh my Thundergod~

Sunday, May 01, 2011

It's the Labour Day weekend! What better way to spend the much deserved holiday for us workaholics out there? That's right, catching a movie at the local cinema~ Me & WL started the weekly movie marathon by watching the first summer blockbuster, Thor.

The movie turned out to be alright...not great but not that bad either. The plot was kept simple within 1 hour 55 minutes but we felt the ending could've been better. It was a tad too simple, really not what we expected. Perhaps the ending should showcase a war between two realms - Thor with the help of his warriors joining hands with his father to battle Loki & Loafey with the other Frost Giants. Maybe the comic wasn't written as such, huh? *sighs*

Anyways, who can ever forget the yummy-licious actor with the hottest bod & sexiest gruff voice ever? The rising star, Chris Hemsworth is the God of Thunder with his "heavenly" body in the movie.

For the first time, WL has the same taste as mine when it comes to men. LOL. I guess my baby is envious cuz there's no doubt Chris is a real charmer. His beautiful eyes & gorgeous capture hearts of many who saw the film. And we were gushing all over Chris~ Omg, so bimbo-fied. =P

The movie may not be great but it wouldn't hurt if there's an eye candy as the lead. Besides, this movie is purely for enjoyment & it's not trying hard to be Oscar material. The movie was still fun to watch, anyhow. =D

Gimme a hammer!! Rawrrr!