Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Saturday, March 29, 2014

We have all watched the first movie, Captain America: The First Avenger focusing on Steve Rogers became America's favourite superhero. The show was okay, just not the strongest among other characters (Iron Man & Thor) in the Marvel franchise.

And then came sequel, The Winter Soldier. The plot no longer dwells much on Steve's past, rather showing his journey to adapting to the modern world which all seemed too strange for him. The film began Cap on a rescue mission & oh boy, the actions were mind-blowing.

The pace is just right with the right amount of action & humour. No doubt there were several loopholes in the plot but generally intelligent & witty. What's more, who would want to miss out Chris Evans' gorgeous hair transformation from 1940s to modern day hottie. Me likey!

In typical Marvel fashion, the movie left trails of interlinked plots leading to the upcoming Marvel movie or sequel. This tactic always keeps us anticipated & hungry for more, though the wait can be quite a torture considering the follow-up movie only releases in 2 years time. But we all have to be patient in order to get the good stuff, right? XD I'm not spilling any details because you just have to watch it...

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