One week & counting

Sunday, March 16, 2014

It's been a week & yet there's still no sign of the missing MH370. Speculations are rife on what possibly happened to the aircraft, moreover the debris is nowhere to be found. Some theories are plausible but some were obviously nonsensical. It's also disappointing to know that some Malaysian netizens would rather trust unjustified news, believing it as the real thing.

Here are some of the news which I find ridiculous.
  1. The plane allegedly landed at Nanjing airport after the aircraft disappeared from the radar. This is absurd because Nanjing airport would have confirmed their arrival.

  2. Three bomohs turned up at the airport performing a ritual, supposedly to help locate the aircraft. One was holding two coconuts while the other was paddling using a walking stick. The third guy held a basket. Instead of helping in the search & rescue, the trio generated much media attention for no good reason.

  3. Families of passengers  from China was flown to India instead of Kuala Lumpur. Omg, this has got to be the stupidest rumour I've ever read. Are you trying to tell me the passengers boarded a flight to India by mistake? Hell, no way.

  4. An Australian lady suddenly came to the public accusing the co-pilot of MH370 for being irresponsible by allowing her to enter & snap photographs in the cockpit despite strict rules on forbidding pilots to invite non-authorised personnel into the cockpit. If such rules have been enforced, the incident should be taken in a separate investigation. Right now, the main objective is to search for the aircraft & this lady is not helping to make the situation better.
It gets disheartening reading the papers on the unfruitful outcome each day. The chances of survival for the passengers all seem like a distant hope. Whatever it is, all we can do is have faith that we'll recover the aircraft. Let's not give up until MH370 is found. #PrayForMH370