Remembering MH370

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Upon getting news that our PM has called for a press conference at 10pm tonight, my heart skipped a beat. Such immediate action surely points to a breakthrough or discovery of the incident. Although I was partially prepared that no one would be able to survive those harsh sea conditions, I was still anxious to hear what our PM had to say.

Quoted from The Star, he announced that MH370 is believed to have gone down in the southern Indian Ocean at a remote location west of Perth. The conclusion was based on the satellite data analysis conducted by satellite company Immarsat & UK's Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB). "This is a remote location far from any possible landing sites", said Najib in the press conference earlier today.

I felt a jolt of pain in my heart, trying to comprehend what went wrong on the plane that it diverted off-course & ended up in the Indian Ocean. A quick search on Google shows that the area where the last ping from MH370 was picked up by Immarsat is a path not traveled by commercial airlines nor vessels. This is because the location is too far from landing sites in case of emergency & the sea condition is rough even for huge cargo ships especially during bad weather.

No matter how heartbreaking I felt for the relatives of passengers on board, no one can ever understand their loss. All I can do is join the rest of the nation to pray that the exact crash site can be identified soon in order for the search team to locate the black box. Time is running out as the battery only lasts for 30 days but the search operation has already reached 17 days. The world around hopes to unravel the mystery of MH370 disappearance soon. As for the relatives of MH370 victims, stay strong & keep going. We are all with you spiritually during this difficult time.