Sunday, September 21, 2008

After what seems like an eternity, we don't have to wait no longer. Why? Cuz...

...PlayStation 3 has reached Malaysian shores.

Sony Malaysia decided to launch the gaming console by introducing the 80GB version in the market priced at RM1,599 (console only) or the Soul Calibre IV bundled package which is priced at RM1,799. And no, neither I nor my cousin bro bought the unit cuz it was still pricey to us. I went to 1 Utama where the official launch was held as I was curious what Sony Malaysia has planned for to hype up the event.

We were pretty late for the event, sad to say. Reason being cousin bro was out almost the whole day & I didn't have a car to drive there myself. By the time we're there, almost half of the activities were over. The most interesting agenda of the day was most probably the first-come-first-serve cash voucher for the PS3 purchase. Perhaps you're not aware that there were ppl spending the night at the event venue several days before the actual day. Ain't that madness?? o_O

The stage & booth set-up wasn't too bad. I would say it was pretty happening in a way cuz it was at the Highstreet Outdoor area. There is no way that you'll miss the event as every vehicle that passes by the New Wing would definitely see it. As you can see below, this is the main stage of the event (my apologies for such a bad pic cuz my sis took it :/).

There was a section that displays the console & Sony's breakthrough technology - Bluray. Just look at the beauty of the sexy black PS3. Oh my!

The power of connectivity - BRAVIA TV, Sony Handycam & PS3. (Noticed that we were actually taking a pic of us appearing on the TV screen XD)

Gaming enthusiasts had the opportunity to experience the power of the PS3 at the gaming section where the 24-hour games marathon was held the night prior to the event. Seen here are ppl playing Soul Calibre IV (Not the best PS3 game. Why no MGS4? How about DMC4??)

Not to forget the chicks galore. As per usual. *shrugs* Well, they were actually cosplaying as some random female game character to compete for the Best Game Girl title. A little too thin but still hot, nevertheless.

How can I not take a snapshot with at least one of them, right? XD

Cousin bro was complaining that I didn't inform him about the cash voucher thingy. Heck. It's not like he had the time to go camp at the venue. After all, he had to fetch my aunt from the airport that night. Tough luck~ I'd have to admit that it was a good deal but...was all the long queueing hours & sleepless nights camping outside the cold worth it? This is very subjective. What do you think?