Merdeka Trip Part 2

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Here's a recap of what I did during the remaining days of the weekend holidays. Lots of time wasted, really. Oh well, time doesn't wait & we all know too well.

Day 2

Me, my sis & I woke up pretty late that morning due to long drama session the night before. It was already late when we left the house. Had lunch first with my uncle before we entered Singapore. Our initial plan was to shop around Parkway Parade where my aunt works but soon enough, my cousin & I decided to take our grandparents to visit our uncle who's currently living in Choa Chu Kang. It only takes approx 1/2 hour to reach Choa Chu Kang from Woodlands but we went straight to Parkway Parade. Imagine spending another 40 mins to drive out from that mall back to Choa Chu Kang. Not knowing Singapore roads well; driving oh-so-cautiously so as to avoid getting caught by speeding cameras & getting slapped with a summon that costs a bomb - all these definitely did not help us reach the destination any faster. To top it off, Grandma's naggings about us getting lost half way that lasted almost an hour made matters a lot more worse. Yeah, I know how much it sucks but she's my granny anyways. What can I do?? *shrugs* Meanwhile, my sis was stuck at the salon doing her hair & that saved her from all the commotion during the journey. Lucky her!

Finally, we found our uncle's house & we met up with my cousin sis too. Had yum cha session somewhere near & dropped by at Lot One Shopper's Mall. It's a pretty decent mall selling nice clothings, shoes, name it at decent prices aimed - mainly aimed at middle income earners. The interior is surprisingly good too despite the plain exterior I saw upon entering its car park. Saw aplentiful of pumps that I was so tempted to buy but knowing my Grandpa was there wheelchair bound & may be bored if we spent too much time looking at clothes, I'd rather not hog everyone's time. Then, Grandma decidedly chose those designs that I don't quite like & kept on complaining why most of them have sharp, pointed nose made me fed up. Of course, I was silently calculating the price after conversion at the back of my head just to make sure that I don't overspend. Seriously it's tough shopping in Singapore if you keep on taking the currency conversion into consideration. You practically can't get anything cuz everything seems so pricey. Look, I can't help thinking like that especially when the price of those less branded pumps cost merely $35.90 end up becoming RM70++ a pair. Not so worthy, isn't it? Now I kinda regretted not getting one after returning home cuz the designs there were much, much better. Boo-hoo!

Of course, we can't just go home without snapping some pics? Am I right? ^^ After all, it's not like we always hang out with my cousin sis & uncle in Singapore.

Just as we were about to leave the mall, a note was placed on our car's windshield.

Heck! Didn't expect the management was freakin' anal about vehicles parking at the wrong space. Fyi, we parked at a space specially for handicaps reason being my grandpa couldn't walk far & needs to use a wheelchair. Parking at the handicap spot was the best option cuz it's the closest to the entrance. I don't blame if the management didn't know if there was old fellow who couldn't walk but believe it or not, a vehicle with a Singapore plate number also parked at a handicap spot next to ours & didn't receive any note. Not fair~ Unless the vehicle just parked not long ago & yet to receive the warning letter, I have every right to say that the management is discriminating us. This sounds very sensitive so let's hope that whatever I said it's not true.

After dropping off our uncle at his apartment, we drove my cousin sis back to her university. And off we cruised our way to Woodlands checkpoint, then home.

Day 3

We were supposed to be heading back to KL today. Me, cousin bro & my sis being sleepyheads again ended up waking up from slumber pretty late. Say, around 11am. No one was at home except the 3 of us. Cousin bro drove us out to eat yong tau fu & later met the rest of my family at Sutera Mall. Didn't fancy the place that much cuz it reminded me too much of Sungei Wang, except that it's newer. It's like lala land where the lala ppl gather. There's a shop that sells goth-styled clothing, seriously. Honestly, it looks damn cool but it's just plain inappropriate to wear it in public especially in Malaysia. I wouldn't mind putting one on if I'm at Harajuku or Akihabara. Some teenager wannabes were seen walking around in lolita dresses & gothic outfits which attracted so many stares from passerby. My uncle was dumbfounded when he saw them & asked what on earth these young kids are up to. I answered, "They're cosplaying~ XD". He was like...bwuh? o_O

Next stop was AEON Tebrau City. OMFG. Huge place. Enormous. Bigger than ever. Comparable to 1 Utama. Awesomeness. Walking on such a long stretch of the 1st floor was a daunting task. There were so many shops to walk around & see. It was the last day of Mega Sale therefore I told myself that I need to at least get something before I return home. In the end, I bought two blouses from G2000. Hell yeah I know their stuff have hefty price tag. They're having sale though & some of the blouses have 50% off. Without the discount, I wouldn't have consider buying any cuz their blouses are bloody expensive. Like RM179 each depending on the fabric type. Now I only paid RM179.90 for two items instead. Not too bad, huh?

It was too late to drive back to KL which was why we made a last min decision to stay over for another night. Cousin bro took an emergency leave since Grandma doesn't really like travelling in the late evening. As you know, we would be reaching home during nighttime. We did her favour by opting to go home tomorrow.

Day 4

We're going home for real this time XD. Again, we woke up late but we quickly packed our belongings & stuffed them in the car. Went for lunch at a coffee shop operated by a lady who hails from Ipoh. Wooo~ Nice food, I tell ya. Gah, one of these days I should go to Ipoh for a gastronomic feat. We bidded my uncle farewell & travelled home. We're going to see him again anyways as cousin bro's convocation is coming up this Saturday. My uncle wanted me to stay back for a few more days but I couldn't agree to do so. I needed to be home in case the employer that Mum recommended would call me up for an interview. It wouldn't be too nice if I requested the interview to be held the following week. I'd totally stay longer & have more time walking around Singapore; maybe shopping for lots of interesting items. Pity, isn't it? Nevertheless, it's good to be home. I miss my bed. XD

The End.