Merdeka Trip Part 1

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Sorry for the lack of updates. I just came back from a short holiday trip in JB. It was the Merdeka weekend & my grandparents had decided to drop a visit at my uncle's house. It's a norm for us Malaysians to go for trips on National Day as we usually have nothing else better to do besides hitting the malls. We just don't join in the fest & watch the parade like other countries do. But that doesn't make us less patriotic or love our country lesser than others. Let's just say we love our motherland a lot, not the one who governs it. And we have our own ways to show our love but on a less extravagant style.

Day 1

Travelling to JB alone already took us almost half a day. By then, we were already too exhausted to enter Singapore. Had lunch at one of the restaurants nearby my uncle's office. He ordered this rather unique kailan dish which is cooked using 2 different methods - fried & deep fried. This means one side of the dish has dried, crispy kailan leaves with its texture similar to nori sheets while the other half of the vege is like your typical fried kailan dish. Very interesting dish, indeed. Oh btw, he's using an iPhone 3G 16GB. OMFG. Effing cool design (just like the iPod Touch) but so-so on the functionalities. More on that later.

We settled down at my uncle's cribs while he returned to the office. Driving to Singapore was out of the question as we were too exhausted. Besides, it was late in the afternoon which means it would be pretty late by the time we reached there. And we need to return to JB again to stay for the night which left us very little time to do real shopping. Moonlight Resonance DVD was the only thing available to entertain us. What more can I expect when there's no Astro nor Internet to satisfy my daily needs. Nevertheless, I didn't mind cuz the house is really comfortable. It's so quiet & peaceful that I can sleep soundly & wake up feeling fresh later.

Our tummies started making noises when evening came. Off we went to a mamak to fill up our hungry stomachs. It's been ages since I last dined on mamak food. Oh, I so miss eating them. Mamak food in JB is a little different from what we have here in KL. For instance, there's no Indomie in JB which I think is quite a turnoff cuz I'm a huge fan of Indomie. How can they not have such tasty instant noodle?? I'm not entirely sure whether this applies to all JB mamaks but my uncle doesn't seem to know anything about Indomie either. So I'm assuming that Indomie is just not popular there. I ordered fried Maggi as a substitute to my fav Indomie. It turned out pretty delicious though it was a little too spicy for my liking. And then I had roti planta, a must-have dish each time I patronise mamak stalls (during the day, of course). The difference here is that there's no sugar but only margarine in it. This makes it rather bland & a tad too oily but the thin texture of the roti made up for it. Roti tissue was really good. I'm totally loving the thin, crispy pastry coupled with sweetened condensed milk. It was a little too sweet but still heavenly~ XD

Nothing fancy to talk about for dinner. The only thing was that we ate at 10pm cuz we had to wait for my aunt, uncle & cousin bro to return home. What's more, my aunt took the wrong bus home from Singapore & wasted lots of time stucked at the Causeway. We had crabs for dinner however I don't quite fancy crabs so I shall refrain from giving any comments. I just don't know how to appreciate it, if you ask me. After all, I didn't even touch the crabs. *shrugs*

It was foggy that night & cold air filled the surrounding. Cousin bro, my sis & I stood outside to enjoy the cool air since we were too stuffed from the late dinner & didn't want to go to bed early. It was the perfect time for shooting pics but it's a pity that my camera couldn't really capture the scenery well. This was the best I could do.

The quiet night sky

My pathetic attempt to capture my own jump in the pic is shown below. Here's a blurry vision of me jumping while my sis tried really hard to take a pic of me.

To be continued...