I've got an iPhone 3G!

Thursday, September 04, 2008


I'VE GOT AN iPhone 3G!!

NOT! Lol. Did you guys actually believe that I got one?? Well, it actually belongs to my uncle in JB. Yeah I did mention about it in my previous post so here it is - some snapshots of the real thing as shown above. Didn't bother taking more snapshots of it cuz it's the same like the iPod Touch, just as I've said it many times. The only difference is the firmware which allows users to make calls & send text messages. If I'm not mistaken, the applications are similar to the iPod Touch.

Here's the peculiar thing. The 16GB version is supposed to have 3G embedded in it but I don't see any secondary camera. I thought 3G phones should have 2 cameras so that the one facing the user can be used to make video calls. There is none in this case. Indeed this gadget is cool but in terms of usability, I would rate it mediocre. Typing messages was such a hassle using the Qwerty keyboard. It's too cram & small thus causing typo errors to happen too often that it's supposed to be. I find it rather annoying too cuz the fingers tend to touch the wrong letter. What's more, typing becomes less precise using only the finger cuz the touchscreen doesn't detect stylus nor pointy objects.

Overall, it's a pretty cool gadget to play for fun but I believe the it's not worth spending over RM2000 in Malaysia. My aunt bought it for my uncle cuz she managed to get one of her Singaporean clients to sign a 2-year contract with SingTel who's entitled to buy the iPhone at dirt cheap price. It's not even close to RM1000. Can you imagine that? Lucky Singaporeans! Though the phone is exclusively available at SingTel outlets, it's not unlock. Ain't that great? Even those imported from US are network-locked to AT&T which requires a HyperSim or software unlock so that we poor Malaysians can insert our SIM cards in it. And that already costs a whopping RM2200 plus.

My uncle had no idea why his wife bought such a high-tech phone to use. She know nuts about handling this thing while my uncle is still in the process of learning on how to fully utilise it. In which I think it's very unlikely he'll succeed cuz he doesn't even know how to download apps to add on to the phone. Furthermore, he has no access to Internet at home whereas he's definitely too busy with his job instead surfing the net in the office. Oh well, it's not too bad a phone to flash around & show off. I bet iPhone won't be reaching our shores very soon. Not surprising. :/